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Reflexology Lymph Drainage

Reflexology Lymph Drainage (RLD)
RLD is a ground breaking treatment that is piorineered by Sally Kay. Sally developed this technique whilst working in various outpatient Cancer Clinics. Many patients who had suffered from cancer (specifically Breast Cancer) experience secondary Lymphoedema which included swollen limbs (mainly arms and legs), pain in shoulders, under the arms which lead to weakness and reduced movement. During Sally’s work, she developed a Reflexology protocol which focuses on specific reflexes on the feet that work on the lymphatic system (part of the Immune system) to enable the lymph fluid to move around the body and therefore reduce swelling. Her treatment was so successful, that she started to take measurements of the swollen limbs before and after treatments which proved you could instantly see a reduction in swelling, even after the first treatment.

RLD can help with a number of conditions, especially:-

Cancer patients who are / have gone through chemotherapy / Radiotherapy
Patients who have had their Lymph Nodes removed
Patients who suffer from Autoimmune conditions
Post operative (swelling following surgery)
Arthritis and Fibromyalgia
Inflammatory diseases where swelling occurs

People who suffer from Lymphoedema / secondary Lymphoedema or any type of limb swelling, not only have the physical restrictions which this causes but also the emotional feelings to deal with. This can affect how someone goes about their day to day life, can impact ones confidence and seems like a constant reminder of a condition they have been though / suffering from.

A RLD treatment will consist of the following:-

A full medical consultation will take place so that I can understand the condition that you are suffering from. This is important as I need to fully understand why you have Lymphoedema so that I can develop the correct treatment plan for you.

The RLD treatment will take place which is where I work on the specific RLD reflexes in the feet to stimulate the areas of the body to help drain the lymph fluid around the body.

After the first treatment, I will be able to have a clearer idea as to how many treatments you will need to reduce the swelling as much as is possible.

Each treatment will last approximately 45 minutes.

I find this treatment extremely exciting and the results speak for themselves!

Comments from Sally Kay’s patients include:-

“I feel like I’ve got my arm back”
“I feel normal again”
“I can make a fist”
“ I feel good about myself and it has helped my confidence. The sleeves on my clothes feel looser”

A recent RLD client following 6 treatments

The images above are of a client who was suffering from swollen ankles and feet, not due to Lymphoedema but due to water retention. She had been to the doctor who prescribed water tablets and gentle exercises to help try to reduce the swelling but to no avail.

After 6 treatments with me having this amazing RLD, all the swelling has gone and she is not only feeling so much more comfortable, her shoes fit her again and she has regained her motility and confidence!

This is one amazing lady and one amazing treatment result!


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