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Hi, I'm Jane, your local Foot Health Practitioner, Reflexologist and Ear Health Practitioner and owner of Reflexationz Wellbeing Clinic based just off The Maultway in Camberley, Surrey.  As well as treating feet from all around the local area; Bagshot, Lightwater, Windlesham, Bracknell, Ascot, Windsor, Wokingham, Yateley, Farnborough, I run a Ear Health Clinic offering digital Otoscopy, Ear Wax removal and Hearing Screening.

I offer a complete 'one-stop shop' in foot care, not only looking after your physical foot health needs, but also helping you to manage your general health and wellbeing by the magic of Reflexology and Ear care.

Why did I become a Foot Health Practitioner, Reflexologist and Ear Health Practitioner?

After 20 years of managing a team of people and being Head of Fleet Procurement for a large corporate American Company, a few years ago I had a 'lightbulb' moment and realised that I wanted to step off the corporate ladder, become my own boss and make a difference to people's lives.  With the arrival of Covid, my dream to own my own business full-time became a reality and this is now my full-time business!

I've always had a passion for health and was an Auxiliary nurse (a weekend job) at Frimley Park hospital (near Lightwater) in my early 20's.  My health interest grew even more so when my dad devastatingly developed various health problems and was sadly diagnosed with Dementia.  It was a horrendous time for my mum and I as we slowly watched my dad deteriorate from a very intelligent engineer to a shell of a man who in the later stages didn't really know who he or we were which was just heartbreaking.  The frustrating thing was that there was nothing my mum or I could do to stop this from happening....  Doctors would prescribe tablet after tablet (and don't get me wrong, some medication is essential to keep people alive), but if only i knew then how I could have helped him with Reflexology and the calming affect this would have given him. 

After a few years of his passing in 2009, my mum's Arthritis and Fibromyalgia (which she has had for many years) began to take its toll on her.  Again, doctors prescribed many different medications to try to ease her pain, Codeine, Amitriptyline, Gabapentin, Naproxin (the list goes on) but never really got to the crux of the problem and we found that even by taking pain relief, other side effects would then kick in....

I now regularly give my mum Reflexology and she finds this hugely beneficial.  It eases the day to day pain that she has with Fibromyalgia, helps her to relax (she carries a lot of tension) and the main help Reflexology gives her is SLEEP - its amazing how better you feel after a good night's sleep.

How did I train?

If I do something, I do it 110%, so, with this in mind, I gained a Diploma in Reflexology from the London School of Reflexology where I was taught by Louise Keet, (Trainer and Author of The Reflexology Bible).  I studied the Anatomy, how the different systems in the body work and how different medical conditions can be eased naturally through the amazing healing power of Reflexology. 

After months of travelling to London for training, numerous assessments, submission of portfolios, hours of practical case studies, I learnt how powerful reflexology is and how it can help all types of people.  This can be from simply helping people to relax, unwind, de-stress and sleep better to working on specific reflexes that correlate to different glands and organs of the body to help ease symptoms of various medical health conditions.  

After qualifying in Reflexology, I went on to learn Facial and Spinal Reflexology, Reflexology Lymph drainage, Menopause Reflexology and Indian Head massage and have since developed my own reflexology technique specifically to help sufferers of Plantar Fasciitis - with achieving amazing results!! Facial Reflexology is fantastic for relief from Migraines, Sinus problems or any neurological conditions, even Bells Palsey.

Soon, my clients asked me if I knew anyone who could look after their physical foot needs from:

? Toenail cutting
? Callus / Hard skin removal
? Cracked Heels
? Fungal Nail treatments
? Verruca treatments
? Ingrown toenails (if in early stages)
? Diabetic Neurovascular Testing

This got me thinking and I decided to then learn about Foot Health and trained at SMAE Institute in Maidenhead where I became a Foot Health Practitioner.

The latest service that I am offering from the end of May 2023 is an Ear Health Clinic. I will be trained using the Tympa Health System which is the latest technology in digital Otoscopy (examination of the Ear Canal and Ear Drum), Microsuction Ear Wax removal and Hearing screening. More and more clients have been asking me if I could expend my services to offer this and this is exactly what I have done!

I am a full member of the Association of Reflexologists (AoR) and both the College and Association of Foot Health Practitioners.  This enables me to have the letters MAR, Dip FH, MAFHP and MCFHP after my name and gives my clients the confidence that I am professionally trained.

For details about each of my Reflexology specialities, Foot Health services and Ear Health Clinic please click on the 'menu' button above and select your area of interest.

I would love to help you, so please get in touch.

Reflexology is not a substitute for GP treatment.  If you are worried about your health, please speak to your GP.  Reflexology is an alternative therapy that can help ease symptoms of medical conditions and help make day to day life more comfortable




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