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Welcome to Spinal Reflexology

Spinal Reflexology is a very specialist therapy which is based on stimulating the spinal nerve root reflexes on the feet.
During this treatment, each individual vertebra is treated and any reflexes out of balance will be identified. Each nerve root relates to specific organs and muscles and during a treatment I will be able to tell if any organs are not functioning correctly.

Often clients will present with back conditions, however the underlying condition may not actually be relating to the back but can be relating to an organ which is not functioning correctly, but presenting in back pain. Conversely, people with problems in one of the body’s systems, eg Reproductive system, could result from a back condition.

Spinal Reflexology enables any imbalances to be worked on and corrected. This is often proved as an effective way of treating back pain which other medical or alternative therapies are unable to do.

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