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Welcome to Advanced Facial Reflexology

Facial Reflexology, also referred to as a “mini face-lift” is a method of applying therapeutic techniques to the reflexes in the face to improve health and well-being. Similar to Reflexology, there are numerous reflexes on the face

that correlate to different organs and glands in the body and by stimulating these, the body is able to heal and repair areas of weakness.

This is an absolutely amazing therapy and some of the benefits experienced by clients include:-

- Skin feels and looks smoother
- Improved skin tone
- Increased blood circulation
- Release of muscle tension
- Strengthen layers of skin tissue
- Reduction in lines and wrinkles (over a series of treatments)
- Improves the body’s healing mechanisms
- Eliminates toxins

By carrying out Reflexology on the face, I work closely with the Central Nervous system and neuro-biological system. This means there is great relief for conditions affecting these systems.

By working on your face, I am able to understand what is going on in the body’s internal systems. I will tailor each treatment to specifically suit your individual needs which in turn can ease and sometimes eliminate symptoms of stress, illness and disease .

If you enjoy a facial, you will love this treatment so why not give it a try!

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